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Paste elements to selected Layer

Problem: Select elements and "copy to clipboard" Go to a new view (with a different Layer setting) Paste elements If the selected elements were on a layer that is now turned off you get the warning below. You can place them on Archicad layer, create ...

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Miltipanel Door and Windows

Hello Graphisoft, Why there is not such Door or Window which can be set maltipaneled so that one could use it for any size of Door / Window. Right now there is only four paneled sliding window. Regards, Ratna Bhirud

Collapse All / Expand All for Navigator

Just have been lamenting the fact that we can't COLLAPSE all in the Navigator. Seems EVERY TIME I go to the Navigator, it has some set algorithm for expanding certain (most) selections in the tree. I have MANY MANY subsets and view folders and I spen...

Start Edition 2012

Archicad Start edition 2012 should support IFC and Archicad 15/16 and hotlinkes. I just checked the comparison list and ... so no chance to collaborate with other architects having expensive/extended version. Graphisoft should make more options for t...

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