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Symbolic cut option for complex profiles

I'd like to have an option within the profile manager where we could set a height at which the wall/column/beam would display as a symbolic cut. Most of our walls are complex profiles and sometimes I need a symbolic display. I like to avoid using cov...

Chris H by Contributor
  • 1 replies

Curtain Wall Divider

Please, add a tool to make it easier to split curtain walls, just like we can use Ctrl + Click to divide lines, walls, beams...

Ghosted Grid Marker Display in Plan/Section/Elevation

I'm unaware if it's possible right now (we're in v25) or if anyone else has proposed it, but it'd be nice if we can have the grid markers visible on the boundaries of your active window when they get cut-off while panning/zooming in around the model....

GerryLeonor_0-1661126135009.png GerryLeonor_1-1661126312370.png

Navigator Improvement - Transmittals

Currently the Layout Book view highlights any drawings with changes, what it doesn't do is differentiate those that are changed but are "Not in Transmittal Set" if a Transmittal Set is open. Currently to ensure all relevant drawings are included it i...

Archicad Archaic Wall Drawing GUI

I originally came from Chief Architect to Archicad and I am used to drawing walls really fast like you can in Revit as well. I know how to draw and design walls in Archicad and can do the whole floor plan no problems. It takes me nearly twice as long...

mthd by Expert
  • 13 replies

Marque tool improvemens

Marque tool is very valuable and importatn Archicad tool, recently I started using it to select a part of model and save the cropped geometry as a 3d document to better comunicate our design. to so so however, the Marque boundary offten needs to be d...

Resolved! Drag Slab in Section

In section you can currently "pull" / "stretch" walls & roofs in section, however, slabs can only be edited on floor plan. This would be helpful when we are having the use slabs as beams, as there is no polygonal beam/column option.

JackIPL by Contributor
  • 5 replies

Multicolor Gradient Fills

I wish if GS will provide Multicolor (More than 2 Colors!) Gradient fills. This potential capability will quite open new doors for presenting and documenting 2D Drawings!

moreha by Booster
  • 0 replies