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deleting points from mesh?

Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to create a mesh using the magic (whatever it's called) tool and later delete a lot of the mesh points? I am asking because that would be super helpfull for applying street heights to a terrain, so I don't need to...

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Area Fills Text

2 simple wishes about the text for area fills. 1. When you turn off the text, and turn it back on again, could it please stay in its location? 2. When you select the text, could the associated fill also be selected? (Sometimes it's very hard to find ...

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editing skins of composites

I wrote that in archicad 15 topic http://archicad-talk.graphisoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=36142&postdays=0&postorder=desc&&start=50 mzex wrote: what I really miss is in place editing skins of composite walls. something like with curtain wall, you press e...

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Site mesh and slab improvements

Last year I was forced to do a number of projects in Revit and discovered there ARE some things Revit does better than AC, so I would like to put them on the wishlist for the next AC release: 1) Terrain / Site mesh I find the site mesh to be the most...

Modeling a Flat Roof with Slopes

I wish there was a new tool that would combine mesh and roof abilities, where you could decided what slope it should be and have the layered materials as in the roof tool, but that the ridges would remain where they should as they do in the mesh tool...

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Materials for Complex Profiles

I'm sure I'm not the only user who needs to be able to control the surface material of elements using complex profiles (walls, beams and columns), on an individual basis. Ever since beginning to use Complex profiles (v.10?) I've wanted to have this l...

AC15 - Library Preview PDF

This should be an easy wish to fulfill.. if anyone at GS is listening. Give us a PDF of the Library Preview to place in the Documentation folder. I know there are some new objects... but manually opening every folder to find them is soo gauche (my da...

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