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AC26 Folder BUG/Suggestion: Layer Palette

At a minimum Folders NEED to be hierarchal and should display as every folder structure in AC or CAD program For Example: A Rhino upgrade only costs $500US around every 14-16 months so it should not be a money issue. This is what we got Missing optio...

Rhino Drag and Drop.gif EduardoRolon_0-1657983726231.png 2022-07-15 LAyers.gif Layers Missing Buttons.png

AC26 Folder BUG/Suggestion: New Attribute Palette

This Palette was set to replace the regular Attribute Manager. During the Beta a lot if users had to exert a lot of pressure to bring back the original one. As is this palette should be renamed to "Folder Manager" and also add it to the regular Attri...


AC26 Folder BUG: Profile Manager Implementation

Related bugs: When creating folders within Profile Manger you will get a new profile. Work around to avoid the new profile creation is to select cancel which will keep the folder but will remove the "custom profile". This is not an obvious or intuiti...

2022-07-16 Profile Manager.gif

Purge Embedded Library/Objects

Someone asked about this in 2010. I have also asked and highlighted about this internally but I feel it fell into deaf ears.I strongly feel this should be addressed by now. GS should re-look the library management. SketchUp and most CAD softwares hav...

zaIT by Contributor
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Archicad Future, 27 Poll

Archicad 26 was released yesterday, personnally i'm disappointed of how Archicad is slowly developped in the last 4 years, the pandemic has it' effects on business for sure, but we expected more since earlier versions used to bring nice and cool feat...

Flawed Attribute Management Feature

A basic functionality for attribute management is the ability to propagate settings downwards in a structure. Given how GS boast the new feature "hierarchically structured attributes" with the implication that it should give us more time to design on...

Enhancing Autotext Function for Dimensions

Dimension Text Needs More Autotext Options Dimension text content currently only allows you to add measured values and superscripts to your dimensions. The Autotext function for dimensions could be enhanced if other Autotext options were added. For e...

Mstaples by Participant
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Improve Trigonometric Accuracy

Hello Graphisoft, I would like a substantial improvement regarding the accuracy of the trigonometric functions. Right now, the lack of accuracy for creating library parts object is making my work quiet difficult. It should go beyond the 7 decimal dig...