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Attributes selection floating palette

Hii can say this is the work user experience with Archicad since i had started using it, i wonder why the attributes floating window is that tiny !!!!!!!!imagine how it's stressing to scroll to find an attribute in a list of 300 items This shoud be f...

Extra small.png my proposal.jpg

Find & Select - Home Storey

The F&S - Positioning options should include "Home Story" to help find displaced elements that are at the correct height but assigned to the wrong story or appearing in the wrong view.

Archicad Icons

Can we please have a bigger difference between the Archicad version icons, maybe the version number included in the icon. We generally run the last 3 versions and they are all very similar. Can the .bpn icon also be made very different to the standar...

AC 25 / AC 26 Casework Issues

I have been waiting to see if Archicad 26 fixed the casework object issues. Unfortunately AC 26 casework still has some obvious issues. 1. Backsplash does not show in plan in Base Cabinets in the 12 30 00 Casework Folder2. Backsplash does show in pla...

Sandy by Participant
  • 1 replies

radial dimension - round column

Hi Am I missing something or it's impossible to dimension a radius of a round column with the radial dimension tool?While with a 2D object such as a circle or an arc it doesn't seem to have any problem, I can't find a way to do that with a column (?)

Custom Properties Option List

Custom Properties can have an Option List.Is there a way to import an Option List from an outside source such as excel or an xml file?If not there needs to be.

gdford by Advisor
  • 2 replies