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Change Wall Reference Line: Remember Last Setting

The wall reference line is a essential thing in Archicad, and so is the tool for changing it. I wish to have an option (so nobody is forced to this behaviour) that the last option chosen in the dialog will be remembered. Maybe this could go even furt...

runxel by Mentor
  • 4 replies

BIM Cloud - Drag and Drop

File management on BIM cloud is good - but two things that would increase usability: - ability to select files for download - at present you need to either download whole folder or individual files - drag and drop upload and download - so you can mor...

psmith by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

DraftsPerson as a Professional

Perhaps this is not the correct Section for this topic. It's still a Professional Draftsperson's Wish. The Home page lists some professions like Architects, Engineers, IT Managers, BIM Managers among others. Seems that Technical Drafts Persons are no...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

Resolved! subraction with upward extrusion as default

after 11 years of using archicad, I notice that when I use SEO, 99% of the time I am doing "subtraction with upward extrusion. I would love to have a separate button on the toolbar for this, or at the very least change the default SEO from "subtracti...

More info box customization

Hi there, I think giving us the possibility to customize the info box even more, could bring to a lot of time saving and bigger productivity levels. With this and example would be to give us the possibility, for each element (doors, windows, zones, e...

Darwuhr by Contributor
  • 2 replies

Line Breaks in Schedules Fields

I would like to have the ability to add/use line breaks in lines in any schedule field. The fields should recognize common line break formatting such as \n, or \r\n or key return. Also, the ability to list the associated labels which are attached any...

Trace and Reference to be available in the Profile Editor

Wish: To allow Trace & Reference to be used in the Profile editor window. Then it would be much easier to build profiles that fill in transitions of floors/Walls, Walls to roof and many other uses. Otherwise I have to measure and re-draw a mock 2D im...