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Importing custom toolbars.

Would like to import custom toolbars into the new command layout sheme in the upgrades, while still retaining the upgraded menu. Doesn't seem to be any way to do that. If you use the upgraded command sheme, you have to recreate all your past custom t...

Drawing Manager: Hide Inactive Views

I wish: Every View, Drawing, PDf, etc. placed on a layout had an Active/Inactive option. Then Drawing Manager would have the option to Show/Hide Inactive. Thus make it a bit easier to navigate thru Manager (It would be a greater value to those with t...

Electrical library redux...

Is anyone else concerned that the shipping electrical library seems a confused mess and that is seems like something that could benefit every user & could have been relatively easily improved back as far as v4.1 ? Electrigon 2 starts to illustrate th...

Beginners user interface wishes

Hello everybody at Graphisoft. I have some user interface issues that I would like to air out. I am an architecture student and I am using the educational version of Archicad, Version 10 and 11 until now, and just installed version 12. I would consid...

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I think Archicad has a lot of work to do

I don't want to come across as simply an angry rant using this forum to vent. Neither do I want this post to be a bullet point by bullet point comparison of architectural software. I do however would like this to be a virtual bitch slap up side the h...

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Find & Select on Steroids?

I wish the "Find & Select" tool would list the location(s) of elements based on selected criteria (Not just in the current view, but in the entire project). It would allow you to select an item from the list and then go to the selection. i.e. open th...

Detail Marker 12

I wish GS didn't DISABLE the "MARKER LINE" when chosing "SECTION LINE" type of detail marker! So now, if you want a Detail CUT marker you have to DRAW IN THE LINE MANUALLY! This option exists in the RECTANGLE and CIRCLE version of the same marker.

Roof Pivot Orientation

I wish the Roof Pivot direction could be obtained and used in GDL. I currently have a LABEL that reads the roof slope and displays and pitch arrow, but there is no parameter to tell it to rotate to be perpendicular the pivot line. I don't expect many...

Correct editing tool auto-activates when object is selected

So many redundant keystrokes or mouse clicks could be saved: With an object selected, ArchiCAD already knows all it needs to about your most likely intentions (move, copy or edit), and so should be smart enough to switch to the correct editing mode f...

Attributes in common

When a number of items are selected, the attributes shown are not necessarily common to all those items. For example, if you select a number of objects, the layer attribute shown may not be the layer which all the objects are on. And if, in a layout,...

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