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Editable .lcf File

I am sure this has been posted somewhere, but I can't find it. I am wishing that .lcf files would have an avenue to save edited versions of parts without having to expand and re-.lcf... I am in the habit of bringing home PLA's and managing these obje...

Adjustable story markers in elevation

All too often I want the story markers at both ends, but need to adjust the location independently to facilitate drawing placement on the sheets. Just a little node to allow you to drag them individually at each story would be most helpful.


Hi! Our stairmaker tools works but not all the way, the thing I got most problems with is with the stairrails, when I want a rail on a stair to connect to my rails on a slab and to next stair. My thought is that we should have a rail-tool that only c...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 13 replies

Multi-window environment. Do we really need it?

Given the nature of AC windows (a separate plan, S/E, detail window etc) where we can not see model updates simultaneously and we work in one window at the time raises a question: Do we really need multi-window environment? Why do we have so elaborat...

Rob by Graphisoft
  • 19 replies

section/elevation Trace & Reference default alignment

I wish that sections and elevations, when ghosted over each other using Trace, would automatically align correctly in default position, especially if they are parallel sections and face the same direction. Please see this thread for more discussion: ...

Persistant view settings per window

Please, please can we allow two or more windows side by side that keep their own layer combinations and other display attributes , WITHOUT requiring user to go back to the view map & regen with correct view settings for that window every time you swi...

Level Dimension to Reference Level (sea level)

Can we please-please have the option to choose to reference the level dimension to a reference level other than project zero BEFORE we place the marker on plan? I know there's a work around to change the dimension text after the level dimension has b...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 31 replies

Attribute manager. Simplify index number allocation.

Heres what I want to see. An attribute manager that allows me to globally change attributes on multiple projects remotely. The ability to assign index numbers and organize attributes in files according to Masterformat. A simplified way to organize at...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 1 replies