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Door Leaf Material Passing

I'd like to be able to pass the DOOR LEAF MATERIALS to a CUSTOM DOOR PANEL I create... Even if I revise the script and parameters of the leaf to gs_leaf_mat, it does not get passed from the host door... In addition, if I choose CUSTOM PANEL, the leaf...

Hide values in schedule

In Taiwan, the client will not review the details of the schedule, as long as he knows the total result. Therefore, I hope to add an option to the schedule style panel to be able to hide the value. This is very much needed for Taiwanese users, thanks...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Internal Elevation tool to include plan

When you do internal elevations of a room, you put a plan in the same layout. We would like to cut that plan to the extents of the room to put dimensions and annotations outside the room (as usually there's little space inside, for example in a toile...

Resolved! Create a seperated profile for Menus and toolbars

Hello, i have set my favorite tools icons in a toolbar, ( Archicad 23 ) Now when migrating to archicad 24, i loose all the new commands in the menu cos the imported toobar import also the old menu wich doesn't include the new commands please make sep...

Wall End

I just noticed that if I use a wall to SEO a slab or mesh (or anything else, I presume)... the wall END will NOT cut the TARGET element! This is disheartening as all my meshes will have a little EXTRA SLICE where they meet a wall with a wall end... F...


I use the opening tool on a regular basis and find it extremely helpful. Now I'm spoiled and want more: The feature development for this tool I would find super useful would be to customize the opening of the cut element/slab/ composite. i.e. if I'm ...

Polyline dimensioning

It would be helpful to have polylines that can count and keep track of overall length. It is not uncommon for clients or contractors or leasing agents to ask for perimeter dimensions of leasable space without needing to manually add a bunch of lines ...

rm by Enthusiast
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Exclude positions while cloning a folder

Clone a folder as the name suggests clones the whole folder from the Project Map (e.g. cloning elevation folder you save a folder with common settings of all the elevations created in the project). Why not giving the user an option to exclude one or ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Improvement to the Archicad 4D BIM

Planning the construction process on schedule is very important for the construction to be carried out satisfactorily, and it would be essential to have a way of doing this in the archicad. We have already seen the Add-On "Construction Simulation" an...