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Spell checker that works with CAPITALS

Spell checker needs to work with notes that are in capital letters. Currently, ArchiCAD assumes any word that is all caps = some kind of acronym. Many practices use only capiltal letters in all annotation , so this is quite important!

Wall filliting & chamfering

We need a way to fillet & chamfer walls at corners such that outer radius of fillet can be less than width of wall For "organic" looking construction (stone, adobe etc), where corners are not razor sharp, a small fillet to corners is desirable, but c...

Polygonal walls

Currently it is impossible to create a closed walled structure out of polygonal walls - abbutting polygonal wall elements do not heal against each other in plan, and if user tries to make perimeter wall from a single polygon wrapping around space, th...

Boolen extrude direction

I really want ability to the extrude sideways, as well as upwards & downwards with boolean subraction. In fact extrusion at any angle. I can't begin to describe all the situations this would help in - but examples include eg pressing of coloured mort...


Favorites should be treated like an attribute, such as layers, so that they are not lost when you reset your work environment. Or, when you close out of your file, you should be asked if you want to save your favorites.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Multi-installation-aware installer

It's time for the Multi-installation-aware installer. Many users have several installations of Archicad on their machines. Much confusion possible, links to defaults and docs mixed up etc. The installer should take care of that, allowing separate def...

Hotlinks - Skipping Nested Modules BEFORE placing

We really should be given the option to check Skip Nested Modules before placing a Hotlink rather than having to go back to fix this once the Hotlink has been placed and the damage done (i.e unwanted attributes, etc from nested mods). actually a litt...

owen by Newcomer
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Beam Tool Options

Need ability to show beams as dashed (overhead) lines on one OR MORE stories below home story and to be visable as normal lines on home story and on 1 OR MORE stories above. It is currently impossible to do both even for one story above & below home ...

Merge Print & Page Setup

I've noticed many apps under Leopard have had the Page Setup menu item removed and merged into the Print dialog. Their separation never really made any sense - it would be really great if the Leopard update to AC11 matched this system UI update.

owen by Newcomer
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Acres and hectares as an option in "Area Calculation Un

Since AC 6.0 I've been using a Zone Stamp that I modified to convert and show the area in acres and/or hectares. This worked fine until I needed to list a schedule of my converted Zone area parameter using the interactive schedule. The IS formatting ...