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Pointcloud Performance

Hello you lovely Archicad people, right now we are trying to work with Archicad and pointclouds.Please enhance the performance with pointclouds. Have a look into performance is crazy and its all done in a web envir...

Lock input to Working Unit's number of decimals

I would like the ability to lock input to the number of decimal places set for the relevant working unit. Without such an ability working units is nothing more than display units. Although I think it is important for both numerical and graphical inpu...

Resolved! AC27 wishlist

Now that AC26 has almost arrived, perhaps we can already gather some wishes for AC27.Again, wise to keep it short, and only name your top 3 with the highest priority.Focus on what you want to contribute and don't react to what others submit worked we...

graan by Booster
  • 96 replies

Expression result number formatting

Well after many years - finally - with expression properties and zones, a quick cost estimator for a schematic plan! YAY. But my Total Cost column in the schedule is not formatted with thousands separators. So without really thinking it through, I ed...

JeffB by Contributor
  • 5 replies

Please fix Bugs in Curtain Wall Tool

Hello Grasphisoft Team, It seems that in this tool are a significant number of bugs. When making changes with the geometry in the ground floor plan...Individual profiles get putted back to basic settings, and/or......distances, spaces etc, in the set...

snow by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Management of Viewpoints/Views/Drawings/Layouts

The Navigator Maps are great for quick access but not at all suited for management. For Drawings we have the Drawing Manager but for Views and Layouts we instead have to rely on Project Indexes to get a good overview and although interactive they sti...

Hardware Mac Studio M1 Max

I'm thinking of getting a Mac Studio M1 Max to work on Archicad 25. My workload is housing and residential buildings.Do you think that the 24 cores of the GPU is enough or is it better to opt for the 32 cores of the GPU?Do you think 32GB of RAM is en...

RCA by Contributor
  • 4 replies

Archicad Versions and locales

Hi there, At our firm, we use the FRA version of Archicad in Switzerland and our colleagues in Portugal use the POR one. For Archicad 25 5005:INT released 2022-02-24FRA released 2022-03-16POR not yet released Today I see that there is a 5010 that was...

Expand All / Collapse All in Navigator

Function that enables to Expand or Collapse All folders/subsets in Navigator. This function can be enabled when selecting certain folder/subset and pressing right mouse button and also with shortcuts like "CTRL + Left Arrow" - Collapse All, "CTRL + R...


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