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Section length/symbol

Sections should appear different on different stories. if a building is smaller or has a complex shape, very common case the building is larger in the 4 or 5 lower floors (being a shopping mall) and smaller in the upper floors (office building).

Stories switching up and down

Possibility of moving stories like moving the layouts. Drag and drop the second to become the fifth for example. Story name should be more then 25 characters.

Pick what layouts and masters to merge.

When merginf files one should have the possibility of picking what layouts and masters to merge. I do not need to merge all of the layouts and the masters of the original file. Maybe I only want to merge the masters to use them as reference in anothe...

Publish dif. extensions to dif. locations in one click

Publish different types of extensions to different locations in one click. i.e. the possibility of publishing simultaneously more than one set, each set being published to different folders. Why is that? publish PDF files to the PDF folder and the DW...

pocket door

Maybe I'm missing it, but I can't seem to get a pocket door centered in the wall. My bad? Plus, there is some weird fill that I can't remove in the void behing the door. Is there a decent pocket door??

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!Restored: 3d view - colours by layer / objecttype

Hi! It would be nice to have an extra viewset function there you could setup a colourscheme for layers (or objecttype) so when I am in 3d mode and use this viewset, my windows are for example blue, my walls are red, my column are orange and so on. /T...

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Switch individual stories & 4D stories

I want to be able to completely switch off & on individual stories , and loosen the rigid 3D geometric stacking basis for stories - for example if the 3rd floor of a repeated building module has three variations , I want to model all three in the sam...

Surprise me

I want to see Graphisoft once again do something which makes me (and all their competitors) say 'wow'. I'm thinking of something in the lines of Steves Job's anticipated product releases. They're not just the standard annual update. With respect I do...