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Non-printable layers

I can't seem to find a topic about this, so here goes... Currently, each layer has a lock/unlock and a visible/invisible toggle. How hard would it be to add another toggle to make a layer printable/non-printable? Every other 2D drafing app I've ever ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 19 replies

Interactive Schedules formatting

this is a wish that tries to unify all wishes about the new format of schedules. We need to have broader options for manipulating a schedule like: 1.more freedom with creating customised sums, 2.multilevel flagged items, 3.formatting based on a field...

Rob by Graphisoft
  • 4 replies

Easy installation and update process for AddOns.

This wish is one result out of this thread. I wish an easy way to find, download, install and update AddOns. Not only GS written or published ones, but a general mechanism. The system Firefox uses iis the goal IMHO.

Roofs: Ability to set 2D Options

I wish roofs could have more 2D options. Particularly, I would like the ability for roof intersections to disappear when desired. Additionally I would like to control which edges and which portions of them are visible (even on other than Home Story)....

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 5 replies

Complex Profiles for Curved elements

If you have to ask you have probably have not fully investigated complex profiles. Think of 'complex' in terms of lots of elements, rather than silly shaped bits of stone. In the same way that you predefine height, thickness and front/side/end materi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 3 replies

Navigator Preview Window with zoom/pan while in 3D mode

a simple wish: The ability to zoom in (and pan), in the Navigator Preview Window, while using the 3D (PERSPECTIVE) WINDOW. It would make changing view points around the model so much easier. As it is .... (in some cases) The model is so small... I ca...

Change Symbol line direction

I would like to be able to reverse the direction of a symbol line by a click of a button in the relevant dialog box/toolbox. At the moment there is no quick work around to changing the direction of a symbol polyline. So if you want to trace a fill or...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 0 replies

AC11 and MaxonForm

I wish Maxon Form were included Free in AC11 (for that version only_im not asking too much) so everyone had the chance to play with it, and realize / and think how we can put it to use / produce and sell our services.

alternative level dimension tool

In our country for tecnical drawing in construction projects we write "floor level" with frame and "concrete" level at the same time so ı use level dim+text I wish, this option is in the level dimension tool. Also is it same for the other users in ot...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 2 replies

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