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Toggle for switching between imperial and metric system?

We are working with team in Europe and United States, we both have different systems, plus some furniture/ have inches in specs, some in cm... its just time consuming to go to menu & select dimensions (3-4clicks) and during the day this all quite con...

Kitchen Cabinet Pelmet and Cornice Options

It would be great if it were possible to add a cornice as well as a pelmet to the kitchen cabinet objects. Most modern kitchens have both a pelmet and cornice attached to wall cupboards. it would also be great to be able to apply a complex profile to...

AC 25 Cabinets

I would love for the custom panels to be able to have a custom thickness that is not constraint to the general panel thickness, or if you could perhaps have different knob types on different segments of one cabinet, like being able to select them sep...

Brusc by Participant
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View PDF right after Publishing.

Cmon, this can't be hard. Just add a button next to the "Close" button that says, "View in Folder". Bam, that opens up my folder and I can double click on the PDF and see it. The way it works now, given our detailed folder system here in the office, ...

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 3.13.47 PM.png
dcerezo by Advocate
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Snap & guideline settings

I think just about every other CAD software has a way to filter snap settings so that redundant points aren't picked up accidentally. It would be helpful if we had some access to change the things we snap to and also what guidelines are generated. Ex...

Dynamic/linked favorites

This is essentially a repost of this feature: Allow objects to be linked to a saved set of settings (a bit like layer visibility for layer combos). The settings dialog for th...

Ro-Ra by Booster
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