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Automatic wall trim to roof

Recently I've been wondering why we can't have an option to automatically trim walls to any roofs above. In cases where we want the wall to go through, just cut a hole in the roof. I use SEO frequently, and enjoy this feature, but an automatic trim w...

Vaulted Roofs

Why, oh why are vaulted roofs made of one zillion pieces? This particular tool has had to be developed somewhere in 70-ties for some first draw-o-matic software package and has been kept unchanged since. Is that for some nostalgic reasons or are you ...

Rob by Graphisoft
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Shortcut to Arrow Tool

It was nice of Graphisoft to give us a shortcut to the arrow tool, and even better when 'Escape' takes us back to the arrow tool (in version 9) - BUT, now that the arrow tool is available in 2 modes (the original one Autocad will recognise as a 'cros...


Wouldn't it be possible to give us a 'deselect' option? (ctrl-click). All to often when I'm trying to select a group of elements, and select something I don't want, a second click only gives me yet another item I didn't want! Selection would be so mu...

Filter Favorites tool box

When having the Favorites toolbox open, and i select one tool (say the wall tool) the list should be filtered to show ONLY wall entries. When the arrow tool is selected all entries should be visible. Filtering is nececcery when i have many many favor...

Plotmaker shortcut keys, embedded files, & vector previ

I like using the 'copy' commands as introduced in ver 8.1 - i.e. using Alt or Alt+Command to get 'copy' versions of Drag, Rotate and Mirror. But they don't work in Plotmaker - result is that every time I want to drag a copy in Plotmaker, I end up mov...

Label and dimension in 3d

Time to start up with our wishes for ACX and beyond. GS is listening and I'm thankful for that. It would be great if we could add text, dimensions and notes to a plane in 3d. Maybe even show the 2d vertical section cut in a 3d view. Many times a 3d d...

Hips/Valleys/Ridges stay joined

I just finished changing the pitch on quite a complicated roof. Easy enough to do. However, having to control-click each hip/valley/ridge to get the intersections to join properly again was a real pain. I wish these intersections would remain joined ...

Dimension delete warning

It would be very useful if AC would warn you if you have deleted an element that a corresponding dimension is about to be deleted too. With the proviso that the warning could be easily turned off by hitting the enter key (for example) and an option w...

Roolio by Newcomer
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