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Rotate 180°

PlotMaker should have Rotate 180° option. Reason? Binding edge for landscape A3 is the left one. Bigger printer margin is always the right one. Oh, yes ... print to PDF, rotate all pages in Acrobat 180°, print. No, thanks. AutoCAD has this for donkey...

Djordje by Advocate
  • 8 replies

Simple calculator capabilities for dimensions & coordina

Wouldn't it be great if we could enter dimensions and coordinates in a way similar to a cell in spreadsheets? For example, when entering the height of a wall, we could type '2.53+6*.125' and AC understands we want a wall that is 3.28 tall.

Durval by Beginner
  • 4 replies

PM auto rotate when Printing

When printing to a selected sheet size, PM should propose to "auto rotate" the page (as Acrobat does) to be able to print portrait and paysage pages in 1 operation whithout having to redefine printing properties each time or having to create a publis...

Better Mesh Tool

ArchiCAD's Mesh tool is well due for improvements. I know there are third party tools that make up short comings, the best being the defunct ArchiSite and then there is ArchiTerra (which has a lovely personality but boy does it bite). However their e...

Zedster by Newcomer
  • 12 replies

Display Options Combinations Import/Export

I am thrilled with the ability to use combination of display options since V8. Is it possible to exchange these combinations between project files in a similar fashion to layer combinations in attribute manager. Including display options with the oth...

TeamWork Sign In via View Sets

I have optimistically predicted to our staff that sign-in by View Sets is just around the corner in ArchiCAD. In that the convenience of using Layer Combinations at sign-in was added in AC8, isn't a pull-down for View Sets a slam dunk? We are formula...

Open Project with Active/Selected Libraries

I would like to see a button in the "Open file" dialog box to 'Select Libraries', which would bring up the Library Manager and use the settings from that. Currently the only way opening a file with the current libraries rather than the libraries save...

Option to turn warnings off when checking scripts

Version 9 has introduced new warning messages (such as 'Use of real types can result in precision problems'; see this thread for more info) that appear when the 'Check Script' button is clicked. This warning is just a warning, i.e., it doesn't mean a...

Durval by Beginner
  • 0 replies

More custom fields in the layout book info...

I need to make plans with much more information in the layout than the one available (as the information must be displayed in 2 langages, I need at least twice the fields available)... I'd like to be able to customize AND add custom field in the book...