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New version of PROJECT2

There is a definite gap in the Project2 toolset to enable objects using multiple Building Materials to display correctly on plan. In Section Views objects are readily displayed using the Building Material section data but on plan we appear tied to a ...

See top of lower level walls

I've got a garden retaining wall on the storey below and want to see its outline from my current level. Maybe the opaque 'all relevant stories' option could be extended to include this. Or, the option could be included as for floor slabs or roofs whi...

KeesW by Booster
  • 2 replies

line weights and Not using Color

To start - that last job I created cost close to $1,000.00 per set printed at print shops in Phoenix - All B&W So color is not an option unless we create the plots in house So I am starting to create a new set of pens that are all Black and follow th...

Walls to show on other stories

Why is that Roofs and Slab Tools will allow those elements to show on stories above and below, but the Wall tool will not. I am doing a foundation plan that has walls that do not extend down low enough to show on the plan, but I want them to show.

Edited text vanish with Esc key

I wish this was different. Why? I just spent 15 minutes carefully entering text in a text box and carefully formatting it for a cover page. Then I accidentally hit the Escape key. Total frustration! All of my careful work has vanished and that is no ...

Pen Weight as Graphic Override Criteria

Please add pen weight as a Graphic Override Criteria and the criteria has a logical aspect of greater than, less than, or equal to.... then pen weights could be adjusted on the fly super easy...

gdford by Enthusiast
  • 0 replies

Hide Palettes - Improvement

It would be nice if when you hide the palettes on the screen that it would only hide the palettes on the primary screen and not the palettes placed on any secondary screens.

gdford by Enthusiast
  • 0 replies

Link mep elements to voids

It would be a good idea to link the MEP elements to voids, so after creating voids from clash detection, and when moving MEP elemnts to adjust their position, voids can follow and move on, this can be controlled too by grasshopper connection, for mor...

Param-O Object Tool and Editor

After spending all day messing with the new ParamO object tool I have a few wishes.... I know this tool is under development..... I am not complaining. I see major value for this tool... hopefully building tables and chairs with the ParamO object too...

gdford by Enthusiast
  • 15 replies