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Architects need / wants good quality image - 3D View

Hi I can't describe how important for Architects is get GOOD and FAST image / preview or illustration without using render software / render / exporting to another software . - I wish to have possibility to save 3D view in Good kvality (300DPI) for 4...

Skärmavbild 2022-05-19 kl. 10.22.21.jpg Skärmavbild 2022-05-16 kl. 14.57.01.jpg Skärmavbild 2022-05-16 kl. 14.57.14.jpg

Don't show Contours of Openings wher are none

Hello together, With 'doors' it works basically correctly: If the opening sill is placed at the wall base, there appears no contour in the plan.But why doesn't this work with windows also? o.k. it's possible to turn that lines off manually.But if I w...

snow by Enthusiast
  • 5 replies

make Param-O coder-friendly

I want to double click a GDL component in paramO and have the GDL IDE in front of my eyes. I want that the GDL component has as many parameter/variables inputs as I want (currently only 4), each one showing it's name not a "A,B,C,D" mapping that make...

leceta by Expert
  • 3 replies

Wrap GDL in Python

Make python a first-class citizen when it comes to creating geometry (even creating "elements" i.e: wall, slabs in Archicad.) Is hard to understand the design decision of using python for information/documentation management, GDL for creating objects...

leceta by Expert
  • 5 replies

Make an option to disable shadows at View level.

In my project I normally enable shadows for elevation, but in some Views I won't see them. I found I can hide shadows making Design Fills on 3D type elements, transparent with Graphic Overrides. But shadows are even there, and are saved to file If we...

Let DWG/DXF translator to not export some attributes

I tried some times to find if it is possible to set conversion table to not export some Archicad Fills. Now I got the answer from Laszlo Nagy that it isn't, but I think it could be a useful option in many case. So I ask to add the ability to map to "...

Door handle one one side of the door only

I'm specifying a door that has an electronically assisted operator and I would like to add a door handle only on the outside because the inside will be automatically opened via button. is there a way to have a door handle only apprearing one side in ...

tonyn by Participant
  • 1 replies

Wish: glTF export

Hello! I think it's extremely urgent to get the possibility to export to glTF from Archicad. In a sector where complexity is rapidly increasing the rise of specialists is upon oss a long time ago. This is also present in the theme visualization. If i...

placing external PDF (multi-page)

really wishing there was a "place all" option when dropping a multi-page pdf on a layout with the drawing tool... it can be a real PITA to place the same pdf 18x!

4dProof by Expert
  • 1 replies