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Add Surface Area Calculation to Zones

Surface area is a useful calculation for Architects and UK Planners as it demonstrates whether a building is compact or not. Compactness is essential in urban areas, but is also highlighted by UK planners in Rural & Settlement Edges to prevent expans...

ferarri by Participant
  • 3 replies

Zone Volumes in Section and Elevation – Switch to turn it of

Hello together, I got a bit confused... when I started to write about this topic, I found it in an (long) existing conversation; I replied there, but my intention was to write here in this forum short and sweet: The "option" to show zones in this vie...

snow by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies

Special widgit to use in property expressions

It would be nice if there was a special widgit that could be used in property a expression, where you could query a custom wall property for a pen number, and then when you schedule the result of the property expression it would display a color swatc...

gdford by Advisor
  • 0 replies

ability to schedule objects or hotlinks that are mirrored

When making schedules of modules or objects it is essential to have a possibility to separate in the schedule the mirrored/flip from the standard modules / objects. I am using a text object inside its module to calculate the quantity but have no way ...

hotlink mirror.png

New option for 'Show on all except current filter'

It would be a great enhancement to the Renovation Filters to have an option similar to the show only on current filter, to show a selected element on all except the current or even better, the ability to select various filters to show the element on.

label opaque fill options

I'd really like fill options for labels/text other than opaque and transparent. Ideally % fills would be good. At times I like placing a label/note over top of drawn content and would like a hint of that content behind the note. I do this manually wi...

PDXsteve by Contributor
  • 3 replies

BIMcloud as a Service should be included in SSA / Forward

Paid membership for SSA includes Archicad updates and new releases as it should. It also includes premium tech support. But it should also truly include BIMcloud As a Service for each seat of Archicad at no additional cost. Let the small firm that ch...