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Slab to roof/mesh

Would be super helpful to be able to convert slabs to roof or mesh. We usually start with slabs for all kinds of things but when the project progresses we would model in falls. It would be a lot faster to be able to convert the slab to a roof or mesh...

Yvonne by Enthusiast
  • 3 replies

Export comments in BCF from BIMx

It is a disconnected workflow that I have come across, at the time of being in a meeting where I present the BIMx hypermodel and some virtual tour (with clients, consultants and/or specialists). Many times the annotations and comments go outside as i...

Label Material ID

Hi everyone;I would like to be able to assign an autotext to identify only the material ID, so I could use it to label my details and sections using only the Material ID, and then have a list of my used materials with its ID and name. I´ve been looki...

Archicad & Apple quo vadis?

Hello together Sorry if the English is not perfect and I might use wrong terms, we use Archicad in German Unfortunately I have to express my displeasure regarding Graphisoft's current policy here. We have been with them since version 6.5 and have alw...

blgp by Contributor
  • 6 replies

Feature creep

I have been an Archicad user since the early 1990's and been a bit of a Johnny Appleseed taking Archicad to firms and in some cases being able to convince them to with over to Archicad from AutoCad (before Revit came on the scene). I now use AC25 but...

jdrulon by Participant
  • 11 replies

Drawing Manager CPU cores utilisation

When updating drawings in "Drawing Manager" each CPU core should be given single drawing to update. Should work similar as rendering scenes, each CPU Core makes only single rectangle render at a time - in our case it single drawing to update, this wi...

Which story for roofs?

I'm intrigued how others model their projects. I currently put the roof on the story above as I rarely want the roof lines showing on the plan. This can get confusing and complex in some instances though. I work a lot with existing buildings and it's...