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Door opening lines cut in section

I wish: the opening lines that appear in the elevation of a door did not appear when that door is cut in section. The dashed or dotted line is a 3-d element. Depending on the thickness of the door, it shows in section. In the case of a 3/4" door (D1 ...

nychay by Newcomer
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Wall closure in section

How is it possible that, after 24 versions, the section doesn't work like the plan? I really think that the window code have to be adjusted...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 7 replies

U3D Hierarchy by floors

Right now, the u3d hierarchy is by GUID of every element in the scene. This makes the scene slower because there are tons of elements in it. It will be great to have the Hierarchy of U3D by floors, each element named by floor name. Thanks

Tomer1 by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Expression in building material proprety

It would be helpfull if building material propreties can accept expressions inside, Now it's noy possible to ctrate a proprety for building material with a formula, This can help in cost calculation especially

Schedule Criteria

For the Criteria in Schedules, please add a IS Applicable field or filter ( not dashes) in the criteria pane for each attribute line in the event a not-applicable field appears in the line This will allow one to filter out non-applicable lines and ma...

GDL: Door Leaf Frame Width Unlocked

Hi all, This wish is for the GS library team to unlock all of the Frame Width parameters in their DoorLeafPanels macro. All of their Door Leaf Types are scripted to use these definable values, yet they are locked for the majority of types. Why script...

Save Object from bits in PLAN

Please, please, please allow us to save bits from the plan as an object WITHOUT THE FREAKING GROUPING.... I do a bit of HYBRID object making where I want to manipulate the code after saving objects... This is virtually IMPOSSIBLE with the code gets g...

Texture direction on columns

We are using Archicad models for visualisation so this issue is very important to us. When I heard that Graphisoft was redoing the column tool in AC23, I assumed they would fix the issue with texture direction. But I still can't change the texture di...