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(Maybe Just One) Object Parameter in Find & Select

It would be great for the F&S criteria to extend to object parameters. Find me all the cabinets whose handle material is X. I can see that such a feature could carry a lot of overhead, as you select objects, and AC finds and lists the parameters. You...

Fills in Section

Couldn't find this wish so... I just wish that when sections are created, all fills would have their outline option turned on instead of having lines drawn around them. I really don't understand why things are done this way. If I want a fill to be ou...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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object amelioration

Sure there is some other wishes related to this, becomes hard to check everything We are often hesitant to save as object graphically made "objects" because it is not flexible enough and we lose a lot of the smart arrow detection proprieties. A few s...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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3d hotspots in walls

I don't know if this wish exists... Sorry for the black background images but they are from ADT.( Hate to say but the functions bellow are from ADT ) I think that walls should have the ability to change their height in 3d separately for each wall end...

Dialogs incompatibilities AC and Windows programs

Did You Windows users made a strange misstake and hit "don't save" on exiting AC? - Do You know why You did it? Here is the answer - see atached pic - Can You see the difference between those 2 dialogs... ) So I wish all AC dialogs inside Widnows OS ...

Foreign Language Fonts in Archicad

It would be quite handy to have the font options filtered based on the local settings ('regional options' in case of Win) of particular OS. So we would not see Vietnamese, Turkish... font options on English localised operating systems and vice versa....

Rob by Graphisoft
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Ability to Lock Layers Set

I think it would be nice to be able to lock the layers as a whole, not so that they cannot be draw on but so that new layers cannot be added. I created some template files that include layer combinations and all the layers I want to use, but when mer...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 5 replies

Ability to Hide Segments of Slabs in Plan and 3D

I think the ability to hide Segments of Slabs in Plan and 3D would be a great addition. The reason I think this is important is simple. When modeling in ArchiCAD you cannot change the color of the vertical faces of a slab individually, so I often hav...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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