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roof edge/slab edge

I would love to be able to add detail to a roof edge-fascia, drip edge, etc. Also to thicken the edge of a slab (monolithic). Anyone else? Steve

better renderings

graphisoft please take care of our productivity by improving the final archicad native rendering engine . you cannot claim a BIM approach without the full aestetic impact of presentation ideea because architecture still remain an artistic and visual ...

"Wishes" wish . . .

having just submitted my first post to this topic (and forum!) i can see some benefit in this section of 'polling' the wishes of users... djordje may having something to say about this, but imho it would be a very good indicator to graphisoft of the ...

hierarchial/nested layers (esp. for dwg x-refs)

it would be very benefitial for the layers list to be capable of handling nested layers (ie hierarchial) particularly for the handling of x-refs: each x-ref comes into archicad under a layer automatically assigned by archicad as the files name, and i...

Wish list: Full screen mode in 3d

A test message as well as a wish list item: Now that a full screen OpenGL 3d window is feasible, I'd like to see a presentation mode for the 3d window, which would hide all the menu bars and floating menus with a single click, leaving just a clean fu...

Slab Pen in Elevation

I would like to be able to assign an elevation pen to a slab different to the plan pen.

sam66 by Newcomer
  • 5 replies

Roofs & Slabs With Fills

I would like it if you could assign a fill pattern and background colour to a roof or slab just like you can to a wall. For example you could apply a tile pattern to a slab rather than having to use the fill tool. Moving the slab the fill would go wi...

sam66 by Newcomer
  • 13 replies

Horizontal extrusion

I would appreciate horizontal extrusion. When placing a window that is over multiple stories, it would be nice if this window would cut a wallhole over all the stories' walls, not just the one it is placed in.

Laurens by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

PDF layers

It would be useful if ArchiCAD had the same capability as AutoCAD to create PDF files that have layers