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PM 3.0: master sheet with fields that could be changed

I wish there was a way in PM 3.0 to create a master sheet with fields that could be changed in the individual layouts? I know I could create auto text, but that?s limiting to the information used. For example I would like to have a field for ?area? w...

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Realistic joints between composite structures

Following the fruitful discussion over at http://archicad-talk.graphisoft.com/viewtopic.php?t=832 here's my wish: Composite structures are enhanced such that when intersecting, those skins defined as Cores abut while all other skins are be broken. As...

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CUSTOMIZATION The new customization abilities in 8 are very advanced compared to that of 7 however for it to be truly customizable it would be great to be able to... - Create my own buttons that run a macro of common command routines. For example, yo...

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detail drawing origin

Id like to see the detail drawing located in the same relative position as that of the model. That way can cut and paste without an offset

Multiple projects at the same time

I am sure this question has been asked many times, but when will it be possible to open multiple projects at the same time. I know that one can copy the ArchiCAD application file and copy and paste stuff between programs but I think it's about time t...

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Create Sub-Drawings in ArchiCAD without sections/elevations

It would be great if it were an option to add another drawing in the Navigator without creating a section, elevation, or detail marker first. Especially during the design phase where one wants to play around with different options it would help to be...

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Sun Control in Navigator Preview Window

The Navigator Preview window is very helpful in avoiding having to reach for the Options>3D Projections Settings window when working in 3D. Not having control of the sun, however, means you can't see the "leeward" side of your model.

Optional Rebuild of Section Window

Like the 3D window. An oldie. Still the biggest time sink in AC. The better your model, the worse it gets. Of course, when they fix it, I'll have a lot less time to read ACTalk.