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Objects showing on certain stories

I don?t know if this is possible to do in GDL with story sensitivity or not. But anyway I would like to be able to place an object and then go within the settings and adjust it so it would show on story 1 and story 4 only. I understand that I could r...

Red by Enthusiast
  • 5 replies

Editable 'Element Information'

a la Vectorworks, etc... would be nice to be able to edit the information, (length, angle, etc.), in the "Element Information" floating palette and that element change as appropriate. it shouldn't be too hard for a database driven system? (interactiv...

Texture bitmaps that know what they're doing

DNC has found a way to get wood texture bitmaps to always orient themselves correctly on individual components of things like furniture and doors. See http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/sbe/cookbook/CB_4Web/chairsubroutin/Chair_subroutines.html "Orient the ...

Multiple User Origins and Skewed Grids

I'm probably one of the last persons to praise and want AutoCAD funtionality in ArchiCAD but... It would be nice if we could have the ability to save and recall different User Origins and Skewed Grids. Something like AutoCAD's UCS. I might add that A...

objects seen on +X & -Y storey

Objects, columns, walls, etc, should be "viewable" in any desired storeys above or below the current one... with a "true" cutplane if desired, depending on reference levels of each storey... I actually have to script this myself within the objects, b...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 8 replies

Project zero

Despite the addition of two Reference levels in 8.1 (thanks, guys!) I still think that if you change the ELEVATION of the basic storey, all other stories shoudl follow! Or - we shoudl be able to choose what to lock: storey distance (the num field on ...

Djordje by Advisor
  • 0 replies

Dimensions linking to objects

Having spent the whole day today re-honking the elevation dimension chains after the Municipality decided that the whole building should fly half a meter up (yes, now they are going to bitch about the setbacks) I dearly wished that S/E level dims wer...

Djordje by Advisor
  • 5 replies

Details - 3D view

Having 3D details windows would be great, ability to add dimension lines, text and lines...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 7 replies

wall seen on next storey up or down

I set my projects up so the ceiling plan is on the next storey (less layers required and easy to jump from floor to ceiling plan) Showing the walls is the obvious problem with this arrangement , so I create library part of the walls (Copy the 2d full...

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