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Wall diplayed correctly in 2D based on 3D

Hi everybody.At the moment the Wall tool is able to correctly show its position in floorplan based on position of cutting plane and correctly show if it is cut/under the plane/above the plane. Also it works good if I want to show it in roof plan and ...

2D.png 3D_SCHEME.png

Add the ability to 'Add Change to Selected Layouts'.

It would be great if an option were added to add a selected change to multiple selected layouts at one time. We can currently select a Change and apply it to the currently open Layout. We change drawing status throughout the lifecycle of the project ...

MEP - MVO option to show only axis (and others)

Hi everyoneI would like to have an option to show only axis of the MEP elements for certain views. I think it would be great if there was a button in MVO to check if there is only axis shown or axis and element boundaries or boundaries only for MEP r...

Archicad Updates through BIMcloud

It would be great if we as BIM Managers were able to push or force updates to users machines via BIMcloud. I disable the automatic check for updates to allow me to roll them out in a managed way across the office. It would be great if this could be c...

WISH: Zone Gross Volume

Hello,as we must comply with our country's norms about explaining and showing gross areas and volumes, I wish we could Schedule a Zone's Gross Volume.It would much simplify the task.

Darwuhr by Enthusiast
  • 9 replies

USA Template - Metric Version

For the love everything we hold sacred, will you please issue a metric TPL file for all currently supported and all future versions of Archicad USA version. Why do you have a USA division anyway. Let it be headquartered in the USA , but Canada is par...

WISH: Interactive Schedule wishes

Hello,1) I wish we could be able to do something as in the attached image: 2) I wish we could add in the interactive schedules something like: add a field that has a pop up menu (like when choosing Classifications as a field) in which you can choose ...

Darwuhr by Enthusiast
  • 2 replies

Cut Fills in Oriented Views and other regarding problems

Hi,(1) how about solving the historic problem of fill orientation in rotated views - in projects where walls are not perpendicular to project (origin) coordinate system (this is even an anachronism - how can a fill be oriented to an origin - origin i...

Broken link @ BIMcloud Download webpage

Hi to all,I would like to report a broken link in the following page: link included in "BIMcloud Updates" tab is missing

Nader by Contributor
  • 3 replies