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Bimx amelioration

Bimx and bimx pro are really a good products, but they work on a one way workflow, data cannot be returned back from bimx to archicad after a meeting, In this field i suggest some fonctionnalities, and if you have more please share it up  * wen you ...

Add custom Fill Properties

Hello I am working on a masterplan layout and for starters i`m working in 2D using fills get some area summarries. When i did a Fill schedule i realize the only properties i can get from Fills are the Area and Element ID. I tried with the Property ma...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Better Point Cloud import

A grayscale point cloud is imported like a all Black point cloud into Archicad 23 or 22. Into Archicad : The same point cloud into CloudCompare allow to show these shades of grey by the same e57 file. Into CloudCompare : Since Archicad 19 it is possi...

Resolved! Better DWG import/export

Why use an xref dwg rather than a placed drawing? To take advantage of hooks and a better graphic representation. On the other hand it is sometimes impossible to use a dwg without having to modify it before its import. Archicad's Xref function then b...

Complex Profile with full individual Surface origin editing

I wish I could individually control BM surfaces origins. I know it would not be an easy task in 3d (including rotation). But an inicial step would be giving the CP Fill/BM the option for fill custom origin (like the 2d Fill). With this we at least co...

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Improved finish materials scheduling capability

The introduction of the custom properties for the Building Materials in AC23 has opened up great opportunities for how we manage the materials. We now can store all the material info in the Building Materials themselves and create a material schedule...

kmitotk by Booster
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Label Tool: #Fill Name

I have used 4x4 Slabs with Cover Fills and the Label Tool to post the name of the fill (#Cover Fill). I would like to do this in a 2D Worksheet with a 2D fill using the Fill Tool. But there is no "#Fill Name" for Autotext Labels. I am requesting the ...