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Date & Time Property Data Type

I think that is time to give BIM some Time and Date capabilities. (Forgive me the pun ) With Time and Date Property Data Type, and a proper filtering sintax, we could select/schedule amounts of work/material to a certain date/time or period. Endless ...

Braza by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Slab with inclination

This is a recurring need, even more in Brazil when doing floors that need to have some form of inclination for drainage. Recently, the design for a house for the elderly, where a portion of the floor slab needed to have a 1% inclination towards a lin...

Master Layout: Explode onto Layout

Hi all, This wish is regarding that ability to explode things placed on a Master Layout onto the active layout much like you can in Indesign. In this way you could include things like a general scale bar, general drawing positions and notes on your M...

Types in Archicad using the favorites

We need to have types in Archicad : Types are a way to easily and precisely handle a big number of identical occurences of a repetitive element. If you define a window type for your project, with a defined size and a precise set of properties, you sh...

Multi column window for composites

Hi, since archicad is transforming windows to multi column windows like Model View Option, i thought also attributes windows should change.

henryL by Participant
  • 3 replies

Attributes should have properties

Hello, with archicad 23 we are going to have properties for building materials. I think profiles and composites should have properties too, or at least some kind of additional information. Bye

henryL by Participant
  • 1 replies