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Relative path for linked libraries

There seems to not be any recent threads requesting this... But switching computers means that every single opening of a shared file requires to relocate linked libraries, when a relative path would solve this, similarly to how the drawing management...

Reserve an item after making changes to dialogue box

Hi All, When using teamwork I think a 'reserve item' button on any dialogue box after you have selected an element such as a library part would be great. It would save time as I often don't notice that I don't have an element reserved (greyed out OK ...

Add built-in spell checker for Windows

We need spell checking that's built into the software and doesn't have any external dependencies, because 21st century. That and comparing words on computers automatically is really easy. Come on folks, let's have a built-in spell checker already. Te...

Element attributes with tabs

This request is regarding Options -> Element Attributes My wish is simple, I would like "Fills" - "Surface" - "Building Materials" - "Composites" to be always available in tabs at the top if you open of the dialog for any of these. This would be very...

joimagg by Newcomer
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