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Multiple Backup files

Hello, It would be really nice for there to be an option to have the program save multiple backup files. I've worked with revit before and I would have 5-10 backup files saved between 5 minutes to an hour back. Just an instance when a coworkers was t...

Keith S by Participant
  • 2 replies

Wishlist | Save Copy As...

Under the file menu exists the options to "Save" and "Save as", what would be really handy is a "Save Copy as".I've seen this option in a handful of other applications and is really useful, especially when archiving/superseding a file or even when sa...

separate View Map & My Views

i'd like to make a wish where we can have a separate tab button that gets added between the View Map & Layout Book in Teamwork, specifically for My Views? it'd be a bit of a Quality of Life improvement when flicking between the (publicly accessible) ...


Collapsable folder levels in Navigator, Organizer

I would like some little arrows up top that would allow me to open/close (they would probably be used almost exclusively for 'close') project map, view map, layout map, publisher levels in Navigator, Organizer. With long lists of nested items this sh...

Ignacio by Advisor
  • 11 replies

Wishlist | Options for Text Frame Shape

With the Text and Label tool you can apply a frame to the text.This applies a rectangular shape around the text.It would be great if there were options for the shape, like circle, rounded rectangle, triangle etc.There are specific (downloadable Label...

Screenshot 2021-12-07 134206.png Screenshot 2021-12-07 134627.png

Wish: Object Cut line set by material

I would love the option to set a default Object Cut Line by the Building Material selected. Currently there is only a foreground/background hatch setting and I would like a new slab or wall to automatically pick up this cut-line property you have pre...

P_Arcke by Participant
  • 0 replies

AC25 Cabinet Objects

Obviously, the AC25 cabinet objects have been completely overhauled. I'm all for embracing a new tool and taking the time to learn how to use it. However, there seem to be some critical issues with the design of these new objects, which interfere wit...

Benji_W by Contributor
  • 6 replies

Stack / Horizontal fractions on dimensions

I realized that Archicad lacks formatting options of fractional dimensions. There is only the option of: 1. Turning off the 'Fraction in small type', which equals to a linear non-stacked fraction2. Turning on the 'Fraction in small type', which equal...

karinamdp_0-1638651546355.png karinamdp_1-1638651598070.png

broader macOS compatibility

...with the pasing of Steve Jobs Apple moved to annual macOS releases (vs every 2~3 years) and most recently with Archicad 25 we seem to have lost even current macOS compatibility eg. Mojave was still within the unofficial 3 year support window yet t...

WISH: Information about graphic override on element

Hello, Do you think it would be possible to have such an option, which would give you an information about the rule currently used on a specific element, while using particular Graphic Override. For example, you see that your trees are red, and you w...