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Zoom for Railing Pattern Editor

I am working on a rail with 1/4" thick steel components as well as larger wood components. The problem is I can't see the smaller components very well in the pattern editor. Trying to select a 1/4" rail that is right up against a wood rail is very di...

Add ability to change case of text

We need a couple of options for managing text case in the text input widget. I'd like to see the following: - lower to upper case (foo bar --> FOO BAR) - upper to lower case (FOO BAR --> foo bar) - any case to sentence case (fOo bAR --> Foo Bar) Thes...

Add a rendering material tab to GSM Files

Ok, ArchiCAD GSM files can define rendering materials and surfaces for it's internal and Cinerender engines but their GDL script may be extensive, and if these rendering materials depends on images for its definition, the surfaces tab and navigator w...

The Little Things - A Proper Layer Manager

Layers are a huge part of how we organize our BIM models and how elements relate to each other in the model space we work within. I open the layers window and toggle them probably about 200+ times a day. There are not many other functions in Archicad...

gavinNZz by Participant
  • 12 replies

Surface Attributes

I have spent forever trying to make a schedule that lists various finishes in my projects. Everything from paint colors to tile to clear sealed steel to walnut veneered wood paneling. It seems that the best way to do this is by scheduling surfaces. O...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 4 replies

Place PDF drawing - multiple pages

I would like to see the Drawing tool modified so when a PDF is placed on a Worksheet or Layout, there is the option to select multiple, or all pages of a multi-page PDF. InDesign handles this nicely where the Place tool stays active after placing the...