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Enable 3D Rotate for Everything

There, i said it. Why? If official help topics lead you to editing code or 3rd party add-ons, i'd say there's a pretty clear weakness in the program. It's already so easy to change the editing plane in Archicad; just let me rotate around it. Also, RE...



it's scary that a design process is token by a machine, but, anyway, t's the future, My qustion is, is Graphisoft anticipating this big shoft to AI ? is there plans to implement such feature in Archicad ? i saw a teaser about generative design , nut ...

WISH: Intersection of same building priority materials

Hello everybody, I wish we could change the order/priority of element intersection for elements that have Building materials with the same priority or the same Building materials. From the helpcenter: "When various, colliding construction elements ha...

Darwuhr by Enthusiast
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Edit Module in Place

Hi everyone,I know this has been posted before, but honestly working on modules in place is of utmost importance. Even if it's implemented not exactly 'in place', but it is in the same file (different window?) it is still going to be many times easie...

Archicad JSON & Python APIs needs fixing

Hello Graphisoft,I just want to draw your attention that both web pages for checking the JSON and Python API documentation are lacking usability.How?The left column to check for the different types, classes and etc, can't be readjusted, nor does it h...

Add JSON File Format Support

Hello everyone & Graphisoft, I would like to request from Graphisoft developer team to add support for JSON file type for every aspect that XML files do provide to Archicad, including GDL I/O.I know that I have used few words, but my request is not t...

Operators for attribute search

AC26 Update 2 introduced operators for attribute search. Firstly. Due to issues described here - reflecting the path in the name of a folder/layer and using search is under current implementation an efficient way to manage layers. Therefore it would ...