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Would like to get same results as SEO (3D) in 2D

I like the SOE-functions in 3d-Script very much and use them often, because it simplify a lot - otherwise there would be a huge amount of 3D-calculations needed for the cutpoints. I wish something similar for the 2D-script. I would like to declare a ...

Open recent project in new session.

Maybe I miss something, but with Archicad 23 I can open 2 or more sessions when opening Archicad, while working on a open project I can open an old project in a new session from the opening dialog but having to search it on the disk, but I can't open...

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Relative path for linked libraries

There seems to not be any recent threads requesting this... But switching computers means that every single opening of a shared file requires to relocate linked libraries, when a relative path would solve this, similarly to how the drawing management...

Reserve an item after making changes to dialogue box

Hi All, When using teamwork I think a 'reserve item' button on any dialogue box after you have selected an element such as a library part would be great. It would save time as I often don't notice that I don't have an element reserved (greyed out OK ...