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Simplicity needed? - General Element status overview

I like options to overwrite, but i would appreciate to get an overview, which shows the status of the drawn element (especially fills of elements!!) in a more convenient way, rather than having to search for its status in several popups, pulldowns an...

HiWolf by Beginner
  • 1 replies

Break main hotlink while keeping the nested modules

Dear All, I believe many of us are frustrated with the hotlink managins system, since the best solution (edit module in place) is not possible yet. Many of us, myself included, use the method of having on the floors below 0 or in another file modules...


Resolved! Corner window

Hi Everyone,I checked same of the existing conversations in and around window corner. It seems to me, that it is not possible yet to hendle the two section of a corner window seperately. I meant, they cannot be customazie individually. is it correct?...

Missing Addons & Action Center

When Action Center came out I loved that it got rid of all the pop-ups when opening a file. However, the 'Missing Add-ons' still pops up. For us generally this isn't an issue and is ignored. Can this be included in the Action Center so we can get str...

LGreen by Booster
  • 1 replies

thermal bridge modeling

please oh please bring back thermal bridge modelling in the energy evaluation tools. i know there were accuracy issues with the overall energy modelling, but thermal bridge modelling, in 2D at least, is quite basic. please oh please oh please....

No environment on floor plan

Hallo I have a small problem.I couldnt find options for floor plan to show the surrounding floor lines.I want to see down part of the current story.I tired with Section options many times but it didnt work .

bskozdn by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

More 3D Modelling Areas / different 3D-Areas in the same Space

Hello together, I don't know if this issue was already mentioned somewhere... don't know for which expression else I could search for it here.. I'd like to have in a Archicad file more independent areas, more "ground floor windows" where I can constr...

snow by Enthusiast
  • 4 replies

Email the crash reports to the user

If the user submits the crash report, and checks the Privacy Notice box, and gives their email address, the bug reporter should email the bug ID to the user. Then it's easy to forward the email to tech support. I have it on good authority that crash ...

Excel/Google Sheets like logic in Interactive Schedules

A giant leap into the bright future if it were possible to enter parameters and formulas, refer to the internal data of the project, create dependences between data directly when editing the table, and be able to have any custom format of tables like...