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"Clean Wall & Beam Intersections" available when drawing

Hi, It used to be possible to "Clean Wall & Beam Intersections" when drawing a wall. Now, when I click the first point the "Clean Wall & Beam Intersections" option is no longer available (it's greyed-out). Is it not possible to bring this option back...

Profiles in GDL much simpler to script

First - thank You for enabling profiles in GDL! But: Its implemented much too complex! There are a lots of new variables, Script-Texts two different schript-sections nescessary to get one single profile to work. Please : Make it simpler for us poor G...

GDL: Profile Modifiers

Hi all, The ability to interact with Profile Modifiers in GDL, or at least with the Profile Modifier tab. Ling.

License Management - deactivate computer w/ online account

Hi, I hadn't used ArchiCAD for many years and find the current digital license management upload/download a nightmare, so much so that I was forced to buy a hardware key. Couldn't you adopt something similar to the Adobe License Management system whi...

Junction Order for Slab Tool

It would be great if the slab settings contained "Junction Order" so one could control the intersection of equal priority building materials at the intersection of a slab and, say, a wall.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Intercept favorite settings

Hello, in next version, could you make it possible to plug Favorites directly into "Deconstruct XXX". I want to be able to use a favorite from AC and then manipulate it's settings within GH. To extract favorite settings for a wall, I have to create a...

joimagg by Newcomer
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Not Archicad, but ALL Graphisoft logins

I have been having trouble logging in to various pages connected to Graphisoft. Now I know why. There are THREE separate logins under the Graphisoft website umbrella. I was emailed the attached cheat sheet. Really?! We need a cheat sheet? 1. Graphiso...