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Combining Profile Manager and Morph?

Basicly I am very satisfied with Archicad. Two of the best things are manouvering in 3D and the lists and schedules. What do I wish for? Well, I wish for a tool to make new objects in a graphical way. I don't talk about good old GDL or new (and inter...

Ingolf by Enthusiast
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Graphics Override Components

I wish we could GO components of elements. I create many QA GOs, to be able to check different quality standards are met. Sometimes it would be really useful if i could GO components from Composites or Complex profiles, to check for continuity and pr...

Hotlink Module Manager in Teamwork "OK" button

I know this is a bit silly but I think I waste time having to click twice to click "OK" when I don't want to release (which is most of the times). I have to click this button about 10 times an hour when fixing modules in teamwork. Cannot the dialog h...

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Future of wishes

Dear Community members, We are planning to make Graphisoft Community a place were we can share ideas about the future of Graphisoft products. We are working on implementing a feature that will help us process your wishes and ideas in much better way ...

Element Transfer Settings to include attributes

When applying favourites or using the eyedropper to suck up and inject, it would be extremely powerful to be able to limit to only attributes. For example you have a bunch of elements you want to change their appearance only, without changing their s...

Worksheet should have the choice of 3d or 2d in plan view

Hello everyone, Went you want to make a detail in plan view, we should have the choice for the worksheet to have it in 3d or 2d. Went you are in 2d and you make a modification on the plan you have to update your worksheet and redo everything and make...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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