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XML there, XML here, why can't ARCHICAD make a distinction

Hi, as .xml gains usage as a description file format for everything else for ARCHICAD (I mean favorites, attributes, properties, maybe listing schemas), it should be very beneficial (or to be more concrete: crucial) to enable ARCHICAD to recognize ev...

Resolved! Autosave for ARchiCAD GDL Editor

That option is important, since that sometimes when we're working we tend to forget to save, and we lose a great part of the improvement we have made

Visual GDL editor [again]

I’ve just finished manufacturer’s object library for ARCHICAD and Revit. When I was asked to do this job hourly, I had to estimate three times the time for ARCHICAD GDL programming than I had to for the same Revit family. Revit family editor lets me ...

More stories LEVELS

We need more levels! Structural Slab Level (SSL), Finished Floor Level (FFL), Finished Ceiling Level (FCL) or any custom level (roof parapet, window sill, top of door etc.) To use the additional floor for each of these levels - how it's possible to d...

more control of object settings interface via GDL

I would be a very nice idea if GDL commands introduce to merge "Preview And Positioning" tab with "Custom Settings". Currently I can hide or lock A, B, ZZYZX parameters. I also can change object Height via GDL - so why not to let users modify proport...


In order to support the draftsman the program need to output 2 essential principles: information and liberty. I am an architect, a draftsman and a P.M.; for few projects all together. Working with ArchiCAD from version 6.5 I've noticed that some aspe...

Corner Window - Differing Reveal Depth

Hi all,This is a wish regarding the ability to have differing reveal depths for corner windows. At the moment, the reveal depths need to match otherwise the corner will not meet.UI wise, there just needs to be the addition of another parameter simila...

Zones, linked dimensions

Sometime you need to measure the zones but, the dimensions are not linked to the corners of the zones, so if the change you have to re do the measures. It´s something simple, but not implemented yet.