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IFC Common PropertySet > Status from Renovation Status?

With the IFC Mapping Rules (in Map IFC Properties for Export), you can only map simple, singular values, but not lists. Alas, within IFC most Pset_*Common PropertySets have the "Status" property which expresses the different status possibilities (NEW...

stefan by Booster
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Modules retain attributes they were created with

I use Modules for apartment projects all the time. It is wicked annoying when i open a module and it has the attributes of a project file I opened a couple instances ago. Layer hell ensues. Even better if the connection was bi-directional meaning whe...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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New revamped Wall and slab tools

I think, after revamping stairsand railings in AC 21, revamping curtain wall with a major update in AC 22, and the very cool and intuitive beam and column tool in AC 23, i'm pretty sure that Graphisoft will revamp Wall and slab tool in the next relea...

Override via Surface Catalogue

Hi all, This wish is the ability to override surfaces via the Surface Catalogue. At the moment, if you use Graphic Overrides, it will search for model elements that meet the requirements specified by the rules set. Why not instead have it simply have...

Shortcut for Subtract from Polygon icon

Hello! I would like to ask you if there is a way to set a shortcut for Subtract from Polygon option? It`s an option that appears only when one selects a polygon, a shape. It is placed in the pet palette. In my work I need to add and remove multiple s...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Operator (or not) checkbox on multi-pane windows

Please add a checkbox to enable/disable the operator line on individual panes on a multi-pane window. I've mocked up an idea on how this could easily be done in the attachment. (The unchecked 'Operator' box shows what I would like to be able to do to...


There is another wish for custom casing in windows and doors, but I also need to combine "top hung" at the top with sliding at the bottom, and custom sills, and custom frames, and I want to show the double glazing when I cut it, etc... Basically to b...

Automatic rules linked to classification

We are currently running into an efficiency problem in our office template : - We have a layer system that works well and let's us easily show or hide elements in 3d and 2D. - We also have a national classification system linked with sets of properti...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Surface attribute search.

hi ! The drop-down list has a lot of surface attribute whenever I change the surface to the object. I think it is very difficult to find accurate surface attribute , so I recommend designing a quick search tool that can be searched directly after pre...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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