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Retain AutoCAD Xclips

Hi all, This query has been around for a while with no response so I figured I would make a wish. Currently Xclips are ignored by ArchiCAD. This means that if you bring in a drawing that contains Xclips into ArhiCAD you end up getting a whole lot of ...

Zone Category linked to fill

It would be great if we could add a fill definition to Zone Categories in addition to just colors. I know fills can be added by either surface or manually. The third choice would be by Zone Category.

Revamp wall tool

Hi all, Would it be possible to revamp how the wall works in archicad?. Currently each wall behave as independent object with no correlation with each other, leading to a much more slow designing/ drawing process. In the current workflow if there are...

jc4d by Participant
  • 7 replies

Second Screen

I wish Archicad had a way to use the second screen in a better way. I can place SEO or profile manager in the sec screen, but that just sad. i wanna have a good usage of the second screen like popping out 3d views tabs or list tabs or drawing tabs. t...

Expand Object Selection Information

OBJECTS selection information display when you hover on an object should be customizable and be saved as a set like graphic overrides. This would be assigned to a view. Should be able to drill down to object properties and display anything related to...

gdford by Booster
  • 0 replies

Drawing Source Path - Visual Representation Tool on Sheets

Hi, We use linked drawing views on our sheets linking from a range of master .pln files depending on what house type we are using on that site. Whilst this method offers great gains in working efficiency, if not checked correctly can lead to incorrec...

Joel by Newcomer
  • 2 replies

Drawing Back Reference Linked in BIMx

Currently a Drawing's back reference creates a clickable link to the appropriate Layout when published as a Merged PDF. It does not create a clickable link when published to BIMx. I would like to see this implemented. Unless there is an existing way ...

Beam appearance in plan view

I have a series of beams and rafters which are all modeled as beams. The rafter passes over the top of the beam. In plan view I cannot get the rafter to hide the portion of the beam over which it passes. Rafters and and beams are on separate layers w...

KrisM by Newcomer
  • 6 replies

Assign classifications to a label

If labels could be assigned classifications then auto text could be used in the label to display the classification assigned to that label. Having done this classifications can be used as a single source for generating notes not related to an object....

gdford by Booster
  • 17 replies