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Text editing box

Is there a setting / or wish that when editing text, it just appears in place without jumping around? At the moment when I double click into a text box the format looks entirely different to when I exit Secondly, if I have a very large text box and I...

Organizing Surfaces

We work with a lot of different manufacturers and have created quite a few surfaces as the years have gone on. Now the list is simply too large to be able to find anything with ease. Without creating and modifying separate Library files, is it possib...

High Resolution Section Perspectives

It's a work around to create a high resolution section perspective, on both platforms. On a PC it seems impossible, without having multiple screens (unable to float windows). I would like to simply change the Settings of a 'Saved Perspective' to have...

Dark Mode/Dark theme for ARCHICAD (on both macOS and Windows)

Apple introduced Dark mode in macOS 10.14 Mojave, and Microsoft also started implementing it in Windows the same year (2018). ARCHICAD currently works when the Operating System is turned to Dark Mode, but doesn't have a dark theme yet. This change co...

dkovacs by Graphisoft
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modify the scale of text automatically?

Hi, I need your help for a problem than I don't arive to solve on archicad. Sometimes, I want to print a plan in a scale, like 1/500 and after I wnt to print it in 1.100. Is it posible to modificate the scale of measurment and text automatically? Tha...

Independent placement of sections' marker heads

Regards ARCHICAD community!, Sometimes I have found myself in the situation where I am satisfied with the information and scope shown in sections, but the location of marker heads on floor plans is not adequate or overlaps with other elements, etc. I...

Align function for edges of construction elements.

For example: you click on the edge of the slab that you want to align and then on the wall that you want this edge to be aligned to. Instead of dragging two points. That is a function in some other BIM product which I think is very handy.

Resolved! A neutral 3d extrusion tool

I often find myself limited by the existing tools of Archicad : walls and beams can be used to do a lot of different things but I think a neutral extrusion tool, capable of creating simple or complex extrusions in 3D would be a really powerful additi...