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-1 and 0 pen weights for any pen

I'd like to have the ability to assign -1 (screen background) or 0 (transparent) values to any pen. I understand this might cause havoc with some GDL coding since it already does on some objects anyway, but perhaps there's a way to add a universal ex...

Hobbesnb by Newcomer
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"Show on Stories" Freedom

It really bugs me that different elements have different choices for "Show On Stories." Some elements have only two choices, "Home Story only" or "All Relevant Stories." Others have six choices, and some will let me choose a custom configuration. It ...

Hot keys for pet palette

I often use SketchUp and work is much faster there because all commands are constantly linked with the hotkeys. In Archicad sometimes you have a situation when there is no hotkey for specific command and the only option is to use pet palette. It slow...

Micnovic by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

Composite Skin offsets

Looking for some feedback and thoughts on the desire for the ability to offset the different skins on a composite specifically roofs. Right now I have to choose between speed & ease of use vs. graphically correct and accurate. Being able to offset so...


hi, I wish that layers can be organized by a code before the name. so, when I roll the bar searching for the layer is in my order. because the group, that exists, it like a termination of layer's name. and when I scroll, continue to appear by name. a...

acalapez by Newcomer
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Global Variable (or REQUEST) needed for scale

Please consider adding the following global variable... a. OUTPUT SCALE as a number (1/4"-1'-0" would return 48, etc) I am in need of using the output scale to create a graphic scale currently this variable only returns a STRING "1/4:=1'-0" This numb...

TEXT + PARAGRAPH STYLES like MS Office / Adobe / ...

It would be great to have font & paragraph styles that can be applied to text, much like Microsoft Office, Adobe CC and the likes. Then styles could be amended in one location if necessary and would update throughout the PLAN / PLA. Currently you'd h...

arneh by Newcomer
  • 4 replies

solid element operation with point cloud

We have started to use point clouds in our projects which are generated from a quick drone flyover - and while incredibly useful, we really need the ability to do some basic editing in archicad so we can selectively exclude areas of the point cloud. ...

hampden by Newcomer
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Timeline palette (For multi phased projects)

Hello there, I need a palette that I can set phases to a project. The renovation filter works fine for small projects, but when it comes to a bigger one, I need to set my construction elements in "Phase 1", "Phase 2", "Phase 3", "Phase 4" or more. Th...