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Roof Edge Clip Option

I have asked for this once before, but it was not as clear of a request as I am asking now. I would like the Roof Tool to have the option to clip the bottom edge of the overhanging eave of a plumb cut edge. As it is now the the side roof edge (Rake) ...

Add adjustable transparency to fills

Currently the only way to get something that resembles a semi transparent fill is to use a half-tone pattern. This is inadequate for modern documentation purposes. Please add proper transparency support that allows the user to dial in desired level o...

Tree type design using column or morph

Hi, I want to create tree type structure like Stuttgart airport structure. I tried using column, is there any other method to do this. Thank you, Regards, Roopa A

Roopa A by Participant
  • 1 replies

Sketch Object/Marker

I'd like to see a marker tool, where I can sketch things out (think the sketch tool from Grasshopper or the grease pencil of Blender). Of course this should be linkable to objects, BUT also usable without linking (even more important imho). Sometimes...

runxel by Ace
  • 3 replies

Layering Composites

Hi all, This wish is for the modification on how composites work. At the current moment you either make a composite for each variation in cladding which can clutter the composites list or leave it all generic. The proposal is for the ability to layer...

RAMP Design Tool

To be able to use specific complex profiles to make our Ramps ( and roads ) and have more control on editing them, it will be a nice thing to create a NEW DESIGN TOOL dedicated for Ramps. As it is the case for Railings.