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Calculation units in schedule view dependent

Hi! I would like the calculation units and rules set globally in project preferences to be stored in the view instead. We often need diferent settings for different types of data. For example switch between zero or one decimal for area or switch betw...

Wall Alignment

I would like to see a feature whereby the reference lines of walls (together with their finishes & core) would be aligned above and below the present story with the target story, if within a user specified horizontal distance. The present align featu...

Texture origin in Section / Elevation

I wish: - there is an option to place texture origin and rotation in section / elevation. No ... aligning it in 3D does not do the job (not always) because is not enough precise, it requires drawing special moph lines if the origin is somewhere in th...

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Element info to total

Total sum calculation @ bottom of element info. For eample, selecting multiple lines would give you a total linear distance of all lines.

My ArchiCAD wishlist

I'm using licensed Archicad, and feel that some things are missing. What I'ld like to add to ArchiCAD: Quick on/off visibility of certain selected object(s). It should be similar to Unity3d game engine. In Unity3d, there are separate two "windows" (v...


I would also like that Property Manager allows us to populate IFC Scheme using its standard value types. Otherwise, we have to use mapping rules to populate them. It works, but it could be a more efficient workflow.