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Adjusting Elevation of Mesh Nodes

If individual mesh nodes could have ID's, properties, and have the ability to be scheduled, this would allow for individual nodes to have their elevation adjusted via a schedule rather than the labor intensive method currently available. A possible a...

gdford by Booster
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ArchiCAD Dpi / Screen Density Calibration Tool / Option

Hello there, ArchiCAD must add a monitor dpi calibration tool. Otherwise what you advertise (100% shows scale as printed) is false and unprofessional. CorelDRAW (joke!) has this tool since 1994 (at least). That is 24 years ago. It is called Calibrate...

Attribution Licence

When creating GDL object there are currently 3 options for licencing; Public, Attribution: No Derivatives and Commercial. Could we get an Attribution licence? Or Attribution: Share Alike? The fact the licencing options are there, but there are only t...

Grouping to make an instance (component).

Now Grouping is only for helping to hold object together, and for easy selecting. But it would be magic if Grouping to be able to create an instance! Like Components in Sketchup or instances in 3d max. So, if i model something by morph, copies of it ...

Yury by Newcomer
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Couple of improvement request

Couple of things after using Archicad 21 for several months now: 1) Stair and Railing tool- Overall, a really great idea. But the interface is HORRIBLE. Convoluted, complex, with nested parameters inside netted parameters. It literally takes DAYS to ...

The ability to choose orgin point of my layout template

I would love to have the ability to choose orgin of my layout template. More specificaly, I want tho have the orgin on the right hand side. You are probably asking why. So the thing is, usually the text stuff that are same for all drawings are placed...


When I import a DXF, the original multi-line text blocks become separate text strings in each line. It would be good to convert them back into one editable block of text. Just for the Neat Freaks!

Road Tool / Follow the mesh

The road/follow the mesh tool combines the geometric flexbility of a slab and the height flexibility of raillings. Basically, it is a tool that allows you to set a profile or height and it will automatically be linked and follow the mesh when designi...