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file path for "save as"

I request that when I go to "File>Save As" that the default location is NOT the last location a file was saved, but rather the last location that the CURRENT file was saved. We are a small firm with small projects and do not use solo projects, not te...

Top Single Hung Windows Wish following the above thread. Maybe just add options like we have for sliding doors? Ling.

Archi-Talk forum interface like Stack Overflow

I would like to see more advanced forum engine here. Something like Stack Overflow UI - when person after he receives an answer can rate it. The answer with the highest rate shown as an answer to question. People, who are answering correct and have h...

Param-O Wish

I think we should have a dedicated folder in the Wish Lists for the Param-O tool.... Just to get started: - I wish param-o had the ability for hotkey definitions - I wish breaking a node connection in param-o involved only one click or two max - lets...

gdford by Advisor
  • 2 replies

Window and Door Lintel in Sections

Hello all together, I almost presume that this topic was mentioned here already (If not, I wonder why) I could find this, that touches it. But my point is not to get a structure element there in but it is about the basic (true) display. … so I post t...

snow by Enthusiast
  • 16 replies

please open editable hotspots for the railingtool

It is possible to script panels for the railingtool in GDL but when i use editable hotspots for a much better user-experience in the workflow, editable hotspots are not available when used by the railing-tool. Thats very frustrating. my wish: Please ...

Blender - Archicad LiveLink

Hello, We have increasing great number of Blender Community. Cinema 4D has livelink with Archicad. We request same feature for Blender also.

Schedules: row sum of merged elements

Hi, When merging uniform elements and displaying a property value there should be the option to sum those values. See attach (snatched the words from Laszlo and Karl respectively). Original thread:

Resolved! Layer combination, MVO, Overide combination combo

Hello, - Are there ways to combine these setting into one group of setting, as often they go together (other than by creating views). ? - Are there way to create dimension which are view specific? As me understanding goes, dimension and other annotat...