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stories - go up/down using ctrl+arrow

is using Project map solely. Would like it to use the view map stories when I'm in view map (and project map when I'm in project map). When I'm on a plan in view map och klicka go up one story I come to the settings in project map (original settings)...

Re-order Camera number in Paths

Ability to re-order cameras in a path (in lieu of being able to insert a new camera between two existing). Example: I have 2 cameras as part of a path. I want to create an intermediate camera to be placed between the 2 existing cameras

use of virtual reality goggles for design and presentation

The use of htc vive goggles would give greater freedom in building modeling or the perception of the space. Currently, this is not a cosmic technollogy, and I am surprised that the innovative software which is archicad does not support natively virtu...

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Adjustable window sill

Hi! The following problem comes along with me for some years (since I use ArchiCad for what it is developed for: 3D ) and I posted this topic in a german forum and to the german support before, unfortunately without luck. So I like to introduce my su...

Slab edge / niche tool

It would be great to have a tool like wall edge to define slab edges, this will solve a lot of time and extra walls beams for creating slab edge for balconies, floating slabs etc niche and lésène : it would be helpfull for plan and section view to se...

Messages while opening a project

Please, tell me if I wrong, but there is no ability to turn off all messages while opening process. This is useful, when start new one, but VERY annoying when opening project which in work. Day by day, once by once - i have to press CLOSE (X) button....

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Complex Profile - Lock Material

Hi all, This wish is regarding an ability to lock in a surface in a Complex Profile so that even if you override a material in your model, select parts will not change. Or, even better would be the ability to define materials per surface defined in t...

Structural analysis

It would be nice/great if Archicad had a built-in structural analysis capability. Or, a direct conversion tool to allow Import/export of files with a program like Tekla Structures without having to use the IFC formats. I am not an "architect" in the ...

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Smart structural objects

When it comes to walls, slabs and columns those entities are just "dumb" representations of what the building has. As an example, take a wall. You place the wall in the floor plan and it gives you options to say if the wall is cladded or not, height,...

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