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Archicad Development Roadmap

Every major Architecture or Visualization related software has a roadmap these days, and some let people vote on what's most important. Various software use different websites for their needs, main ones being Trello and Productboard. Here are some ex...

BIM SAAS and the complete virtual office

It seems to me that Graphisoft has an enormous opportunity that should be easy to take advantage of. With BIM SAAS the next level is to turn it into a complete online cloud database like Dropbox. If BIMcloud could be accessed just like another drive ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 3 replies

Custom Property - Tag List

Dang, It would sure be nice is the Tag List could behave like a bullet list when autotexted to a label or have a bullet list option. A little format control in a autotext label would be sweet!

gdford by Advisor
  • 5 replies

Opening Tool as Standard Wall Penetration Tool

Hi all, Wouldn't it be nice if doors, windows and curtain walls all lived within the Opening Tool? If you want to use the Curtain Wall Tool to create a custom window, it will automatically cut the bounding wall by the defined boundary. If you want to...

Resolved! Opening composite settings

It would be super helpful when we open composite setting for it to jump to the composite selected. Something similar to building materials when the building materials within an element is highlighted.

Yvonne by Enthusiast
  • 1 replies

Request room's coordinates

I want the possibility to get the positions of the corners of the room. We already got ROOM_CORNERS. SYMB_POS_X/Y gives us the position of the room stamp, but not the room itself. I need both.

runxel by Ace
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Ceiling Tool

Introduce new tool, called "ceiling". The principle very similar to Curtain Wall. Interaction with lights and another MEP elements. Introduce new global levels - FCL (finished ceiling level). Elements can be linked to FCL (light, grilles, duct system...

Automatic Zone placing and handling

I just realized that the use of Zones always was problematic because of the complexity of geometry (height, roof trims and beams). Why not make generation and update of Zones completely automatic by program, where user controls only number and name.