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Helpcenter forum

Does anyone else think the now deceased Helpcenter ( should be a Forum on its own?International and localized contents.Articles here are well and good, but they are hard to find (as is mostly everything else you don'...

Djordje by Mentor
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I wish everyone who thinks that a workaround is a workaround would post a video of their workaround before they made a wish of how to solve their work around because then maybe I wouldn't just be reading wishes all day I might actually be able to hel...

Real wishes.

I wish that everybody who puts in a wish would take the time to master the tools that are currently available. The reason for this is that more than half the wishes can be obtained in a so-called "work around ".Are these workarounds? Or are these jus...

Two wishes for Archicad windows

Currently I'm working in Archicad 26. I have a wish for windows in Archicad. Right now, we aren't allowed to choose what pane of a window, we want to have operate, and then choose what direction it operates. Sure, Archicad has some choices available,...

Disable mouse clicking and drag

Hello, I have previous experience in different BIM software and I am just starting to use Archicad due to my new job change. From my previous experience, I think that an issue that can cause many problems in a large-scale BIM project needs to be reso...

Resolved! Right Angle Triangle Window

How is it possible that in 2022 / Archicad 26 there is still not an out of the box right angle window? The Triangle Fixed window [Moderator: in the USA library] can not have a vertical side. This is super annoying. The only way to achieve this basic ...

Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 9.45.53 AM.png

Drag Copy View mark settings changing

I'm not sure if this really a wish or just another long standing bug... When dragging a copy of an existing cloned section marker the new marker setting change to match the host View Map folder. This is kind of ok if you only ever generate a limited ...