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Zones, linked dimensions

Sometime you need to measure the zones but, the dimensions are not linked to the corners of the zones, so if the change you have to re do the measures. It´s something simple, but not implemented yet.

Delta symbol

What are people using for a delta symbol. I can't seem to find anything useful. Am I just missing something already created?

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Render Settings - Scene Modified Base

Hi all, This wish is in regards to having the "Scene" drop down mention which saved settings set you modified instead of just "Custom". It would be nice to know the baseline to a "Custom" that you might not recall what was modified. eg. "Outdoor Dayl...

Attribute Manage - Layers

Hi all, This wish is in regards to modifying multiple layers in multiple combinations at once. I recently needed to add layers from an external model to all of my combinations. The one thing that hampered me was selecting the layers in the Attribute ...

Average function in GDL

GDL needs Average sum of values/parameters/variables functions. It's needed for some calculations such as areas or volumes, besides it makes scripting a little bit easier

Ability to Schedule "Length of Reference Line" for Beams

We need the ability to schedule the length of the reference line for beams. It is incredibly frustrating not being able to schedule the length of the reference line of a beam. It can be scheduled for walls, so why not beams? Length Left and Length Ri...