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GDL: Door Leaf Frame Width Unlocked

Hi all, This wish is for the GS library team to unlock all of the Frame Width parameters in their DoorLeafPanels macro. All of their Door Leaf Types are scripted to use these definable values, yet they are locked for the majority of types. Why script...

Save Object from bits in PLAN

Please, please, please allow us to save bits from the plan as an object WITHOUT THE FREAKING GROUPING.... I do a bit of HYBRID object making where I want to manipulate the code after saving objects... This is virtually IMPOSSIBLE with the code gets g...

Texture direction on columns

We are using Archicad models for visualisation so this issue is very important to us. When I heard that Graphisoft was redoing the column tool in AC23, I assumed they would fix the issue with texture direction. But I still can't change the texture di...

Better Level detection of objects.

Hi! unless im doing something wrong or have some checkbox unchecked, i would like the specified levels to help you automatically define the associated level of an object within a range when positioning them in 3d. Example: Lets say i have defined my ...

jl_lt by Advisor
  • 5 replies

IDs for Surfaces

It would be great if there was an ability to add an ID to the surface names, similar to how building materials can have an ID. It would be used in scenarios like auto-text labels, keys/legends etc. An example would be: P1 = paint red P2 = paint blue ...

Column and beam Reference Axis

Hia, I would like that ArchiCAD had the possibility of placing a symbol for the Column Reference Axis, like this: I would also like that there was an option, as there is for walls, to change the reference axis but the column and beam didn’t move. The...

GOBA by Booster
  • 3 replies

window and door markers to show in elevation or section

Dear Graphisoft team. thankyou for your wonderful integrated product. Please correct me if I'm wrong or behind .....but I would love to know if its possible to show the window maker / Door marker text on the window automatically when you view the ele...

Anonymous by Not applicable
  • 4 replies

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