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It would be very useful and click/time saver to have the chance to chose the orientation of the triangle when inserting single levels, like when you place dimensions. Archicad should give you the possbility to chose the orientation before placing the...

alemanda by Newcomer
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Modify the module in the master file

For a concern of a homogeneous workflow and for a concern of a good use of the memory vive it would be preferable that the edition of the module is done on the same master file, the idea is to modify the module as a staircase or Like a curtain wall 1...

Rotating the hotlink on the axes (x, y, z)

If this idea is taken into account it will give a significant improvement for archicad, imagine: 1-To draw a curtain wall panel in a module, to rotate on an axis (x) in the master file becomes possible in case of modification of the panel, when the m...

I wish all Anchor Points Showed up when modeling 2D & 3D

I wish all anchor points for all elements, objects, and especially doors and windows were visible as a node that was a subtly different color than the regular window and door nodes/dots. This stems from the fact that every object has an origin, which...

Gus by Newcomer
  • 12 replies

Complex Profiles

It would be great if you could turn on or off the visibility of selected edges on plan views for complex profiles.

Railing | Top Rail and Rails Settings

So far, I'm pretty impressed with the new Stair and Rail Tools -- I just wish the Help was more helpful. Not a deal-braker, but it would be nice to be able to control the ends of the rails similar to how the top and bottom of posts can be controlled ...

Stair tool input method.

Stairs should connect just two different points. If too steep tends to be ladder if too lowly tends to be ramp. Depending on inclination the structure changes too, rarely you can find steep concrete stairs and if you do they mostly have an inset at t...

Complex profiler in the shell tool

It would be nice to introduce the complex profilers in the shell tool -This would make it possible to exploit the data of the complex profile on varied construction plans -This will improve the possibilities of architectural design -Is my most expens...