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Window Customization

Would like to see windows working similar to the curtain wall, where you can define any number and configuration of sashes and make each sash operable as you see fit. Or at the very least - more available in the libraries. Right now there is a Fixed ...

Navigating in 3D

Orbiting with the mouse (mousewheel click) should be working like the dedicated 'orbit' function, which always orbits around the current center of the screen. If you orbit with shift and mousewheel then Archicad selects a new arbitrary point every ti...

runxel by Mentor
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Separate LCF file for stair objects and macros.

I really think something like these stairs should have their own separate library, so they can be updated separately to the main library - especially as they are new and should be updated often. Plus the fact there may be others like me that don't ac...

Wrapped Schedules over Multiple Layouts

Schedules are powerful but not without their unique problems. Possibly the most frustrating is getting a large schedule, such as door schedule, to fit on a layout. There are two methods which work individually but not together. That is the 'Split Dra...

LGreen by Participant
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Pens & Layers for Publisher Sets

Currently users have to select the correct Pen Set & Layer Combination before publishing. It would be nice if this could be saved within the Publisher sets itself, similar to views, making publishing easier and more consistent. The Pens are required ...

LGreen by Participant
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Add Changes in Book Settings

This will bring out how people use the Revision Manager. In the layout book, in the 'Issue History' section, next to the 'Add Layout' button could there be a button 'Layout Settings'. This would open up the layout settings of all selected, allowing c...

LGreen by Participant
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Advanced Interface

Hey guys, i would love to see some improvements in these areas. I will give some ideas i shoppend in some minutes. 1. Improve the color interface https://ibb.co/idZPWR 2. Improve the penset interface https://ibb.co/mpOUy6

MEP modeler - Piping - Y connection

Please improve MEP Modeler. Make it more powerful. Whe the routing starts from a Y Connection it should start with a straight pipe using the same slope of the Y branch. At the moment, it start with a curve to make the route horizontally. The workarou...

cattura archicad 13.png
alemanda by Beginner
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