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Stairwell Creation

I think it would be a good idea if Graphisoft develops an option in the Stair Tool where you can connect multiple stories using the intuitive feature to create an intelligent stairwell that integrates with story heights.

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Quickly hide cameras & paths on floor plan

Now, to hide Cameras & Paths on a floor plan, you have to go to Cameras>Path and then select Display Options. Not even a shortcut to get to that buried option. This should be an On-screen View Option, and added to that Toolbar as a toggle.

Slab edges as spline

It would be nice to have the option for the slab edges to act as splines. For example: when i move a control point i would be nice to create a smooth line between the neighbouring points. I know i can make a spline modify it then add or substract tha...

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Global parameters for pen numbers in GDL objects

A lots of offices are making their own optimized pen sets to better suit their needs and habits. This often leads to their pen sets having a completely different structure than the original ArchiCAD pen sets. The big problem with this is that every G...

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Global variable to store index of last edited field of array

When editing parameters, GLOB_MODPAR_NAME stores the name of the last parameter. It's convenient for only the standalone parameters. Many times when an array-type parameter's field is modified it's not enough to know that the array is modified (since...

Export 3D model to FBX for 3dsMax

WISH: Make option to save 3D model in FBX format FBX is the gate for working with 3dsMax. 3DS format is outdated, DWG format exports triangulates and FBX (and DWG) can be "linked" into 3DSMax making workflow elastic and update'able. I understand that...

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New potential option - Fill Override Orientation

I think a great option to enhance enormously the possibility to automate detail from wall/roof/shell/Slab is the possibility to not lose fill orientation in detail using override as now happen. If you can maintain orientation, using override you can ...


Dark GUI Theme

Please make a dark graphical user interface. It's very convenient to have a dark interface to prevent eye fatigue after long hours of use. I'm guessing now that they have simplified the interface with a less colorful look it's much easier to create a...

Dark Image.png

Spit Window into Single Windows

This would be just like how we have Split Multi-plane roof into Single Plane Roof, but instead would be applied to windows. This would be useful for creating Window Schedules. I would model a triple window for preliminary purposes and since it is muc...

I wish area fills could have integrated dimensions

I wish area fills could have integrated dimensions. There wouldn't need to be dimension strings (although that would be even better in a big way!). Instead, fills could just have the feet and inches noted in the center of the edge that it corresponds...

Gus by Newcomer
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