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Custom Casing for Windows

I wish to be able to control the casing width for each side of the window differently. I want to be able to specify that the right casing is, say, 3.5" and the right casing could be 5.5". Then the top casing could be 2.5" as well. Also when adjusting...

Open multiple instance of ArchiCAD at the same time

It would be nice to be able to open multiple instances of archicad (on a mac) from the open recent project screen (after the splash screen shows). I'm working on a big site with 76 different teamwork files and I ineveitably need to open several files...

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SVG files support in GDL user interface

To continue policy of "crisp" icons in ArchiCAD 20 it would be nice to add SVG files (vector illustration) support in GDL user interface. As additional super-wish - to have parametric drawings inside of GDL user-interface, for example window scheme t...

Folder location paths for libraries, DWG translators etc.

Many ArchiCAD users will agree, that it would be nice to fix the problem with missed libraries status when several people are using the same PLN file on Dropbox, Google Drive and similar cloud-storage services. Libraries are too big to have them embe...

To be automatically dimensioned for detail in Schedule.

I wish the Schedule to be automatically dimensioned for detail. (Refer to the figure below.) It is recommended to add a new command as an anchor for automatic dimensions. (for example, put then HOTSPOT{2} in door joint (red circle)) new command: (wis...

To be automatically dimensioned for detail in Schedule..JPG
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Project Info in Publishing Set

I deleted a previous thread about having the ability to publish in text formats, I thought it was too complicated. I'm simply asking now for the 'Project Info' to be available in the Project Map. That way it can be transferred into the Publisher Set ...

Multi-Panel exterior sliding & pocket doors.Please Archicad!

Please, can the next Archicad just have a simple function to allow multi-panel exterior sliding doors. Otherwise known as a face fixed stacker. We specify at least one of these per job so its not like its an unrealistic door. Also as a less important...

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