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Mirror dwg

I would like to be able to mirror AutoCAD dwgs when they are added into a model file. Where I would use this is where I am using a supplier's dwg eg they only have line drawings for a tap. They will usually only provide one elevation view and it woul...

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Outlining In Elevations

So we have the super groovy new 3d Styles... One of the features in the Style Machine is OUTLINING... Can we leverage that technology and create a PEN OVERRIDE for OUTLINING PENS in Elevation? Related issue (maybe should be a separate wish)... - For ...

Editing of stair structure

I wish it would be possible to edit the stair structure as freely as editing stair finishes. Often stairs without finishes are the end product. And if having a stair with both structure and finishes it would be great to be able to align these.

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Resolved! (Re)Render Marqueed Area

The ability to render a marqueed area within a render window. Whether that be to do a check render of a portion of a scene at full res, or to re-render changes that have occurred, much like you can do in Max. Being able to do this can save a lot of t...

Items on Layers

I would like an option to see how many items are on a layer. I run into situations where I add something new after the project is almost complete and I add that new something to a layer. I am a little worried at just turning the layer off in other pl...

Bimserver file-storage folders

[I may be missing something big about bimserver, and also understand nothing about servers etc.] I am publishing mods, pmks, pdfs, dwgs, ifcs, xls from bimserver files. And bringing in mods, pmks, pdfs, dwgs, ifcs into bimserver files. Those files ar...

Ignacio by Expert
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Publish by relative path

Maybe the subject to this wish should be something like "Ability To Set Root Directory" but i thought "Publish to relative path" was a more user friendly subject. What i would like to do is to set the directory folder of the projects .pln as a root d...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Fill in Building Materials

Hello guys! Is it possible to setup a slab with a building material and see a fill in the plan? Because I can only see the cut fill, but I would like to see it in the plans as well by default (without needing to activate the cover fill in the slab pr...

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